Mae cymrun barod Blodwen. Selections

Performers: John Roberts and Powell Edwards.

Issue Number: Edison Blue Amberol: 14210 Edison Amberol: 12201

Release year: 1910

Notes: Edison Blue Amberol: 14210. Reissue of Edison Amberol 12201. Year of release from Edsion Blue Amberol cylinders: U.S., special, and foreign issues, 1912-1929 - Allan Sutton, 2009. Foreign Blue Amberol record release: Welsh series. Vocal duet with orchestra.

Collection: Edouard Pecourt collection.

Personal Name: Parry, Joseph, 1841-1903. Edwards, Powell. Roberts, John Vocalist

Subjects: Operas—Excerpts.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 9788—Take 1—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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