Der Graf von Luxemburg Graf von Luxemburg

Performers: Johann Strauss Orchester.

Issue Number: Edison Blue Amberol: 26043 Edison Amberol: 15076

Release year: 1910

Notes: Year of release from Edison Blue Amberol cylinders: U.S., special, and foreign issues, 1912-1929 - Allan Sutton, 2009. Foreign Blue Amberol record release: German series. Instrumental selection. Edison Blue Amberol: 26043. Reissue of Edison 4-minute Amberol 15076.

Collection: Frederick P. Williams collection.

Personal Name: Lehár, Franz, 1870-1948.

Group Name: Johann Strauss Orchester Berlin, Germany

Subjects: Popular instrumental music—1911-1920.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 9071—Copy 1—Take 1—Special Coll., Performing Arts Cylinder 11594—Copy 2—Take 0—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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