Good-bye Broadway, hello France

Performers: Jaudas- Society Orchestra.

Issue Number: Edison Blue Amberol: 3363 Edison Record: 5786

Release year: 1918

Notes: Dubbed from Edison Diamond Disc matrix 5786. Year of release from -Edison Blue Amberol Recordings- by R. Dethlefson, v.2 1981. Edison Blue Amberol: 3363. Dance music. Medley includes -Good-bye Broadway, Hello France!-Throw No Stones in the Well that Gives You Water,-Mammy Blossom-s -Possum Party,- and -At the Yankee Military Ball.-

Personal Name: Baskette, Billy.

Group Name: Jaudas- Society Orchestra.

Subjects: Popular instrumental music—1911-1920. Dance orchestra music.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 5600—Take 2—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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