Brown wax home recording of speech by eighty-nine-year-old woman.

Performers: Performer name not given or decipherable.

Release year: between 1900 and 1909.

Notes: Brown wax cylinder. Place of recording likely the United States. Woman speaks: -Nineteen hundred and

?. Annie Burr ?, eighty-nine years old the third day of November-; then recites -As I lay musing on my bed, I thought on my redeemer,- and the Lord-s Prayer. Spoken content is the same as 304-6.

Language: Sung in English.

Collection: The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings Set Number: 304-07, Originally acquired: The Musical Wonder House Collection, 2011.

Genre: Personal recordings.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 13205—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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