Brown wax home recording of speech and people singing Goodnight ladies and Old folks at home.

Performers: Performers not given.

Release year: between 1890 and 1928.

Notes: Brown wax cylinder. Place of recording likely the United States. Woman speaks at beginning: -Hello, Rover ?, is that you?- After a pause, woman says: -Thanks to Mrs. Smelling ? for the lovely time we have had tonight, and hope that she may live another year that we may have an invitation to spend another lovely night as we have tonight.- Mixed chorus sings -Goodnight Ladies,- followed by -Whisht, look over there!- compare 243-1 and 243-2. Mixed chorus sings -Old Folks at Home-; at end: -Goodnight, children, call again!- The surname -Smelling- also appears to be heard in the announcements on 243-5 and 243-6.

Language: Sung in English.

Collection: The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings Smelling family recordings, Set Number: 243-03.

Genre: Personal recordings.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 13072—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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