Brown wax home recording of speech and dog calling at end of commercial recording of Artists life waltz, played by Gilmores Band.

Performers: Frank Lawrence Embree.

Release year: between 1898 and 1928.

Notes: Modified commercial brown wax cylinder. Home recording at end of commercial band recording: -Uh, Mister Graphophone, Mrs. Embree-s favorite piece

I-m very much obliged to you for playing it, and now I will call in the dogs and let them hear it.- Whistling, then speaker calls in dogs by name.

Language: Sung in English.

Collection: The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings Frank Lawrence Embree Collection, Set Number: 294-36, Originally acquired: The Musical Wonder House Collection, 2011.

Personal Name: Embree, Frank Lawrence,

Genre: Personal recordings.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 13297—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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