Brown wax home recording of singing and speech by Mary Frodsham Greenhow, June 19, 1898.

Performers: Mary Frodsham Greenhow.

Release year: 1898.

Notes: Brown wax cylinder. Inscription on slip: -My Mother-s Voice - Mary Frodsham Greenhow. - The Record is Good for an Amateur, except Two or three high Notes-one very bad one for which the machine and not the singer is to blame, it being greatly exaggerated. - Parts of three of my old Childhood songs.- Woman speaks: -Nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and ninety eight. Mary Frodsham Greenhow was born on the twenty-fifth of December eighteen hundred and twenty-two.- At end: -Correction, was born eighteen hundred twenty-five. - I mean eighteen twenty-three!- She was the mother of William Henry Greenhow, who wrote the accompanying slip, and sings parts of two or three unidentified songs which he calls his -childhood songs.-

Language: Sung in English.

Collection: The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings William Henry Greenhow Collection, Set Number: 134-01, Originally acquired: Wayne show, October 2008.

Personal Name: Greenhow, Mary Frodsham,

Genre: Personal recordings.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 12856—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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