Brown wax home recording of Safe in the promised land, sung by Grandma Rose, 1913.

Performers: Grandma Rose.

Release year: 1913.

Alternate Title: Safe in the promised land

Notes: Brown wax cylinder. Inscription on box: -Grandma Rose - 1913-; inscription on lid: -June 3

? - Born 1833 - P. Rose - About 1910 or 1911 - Grandpa - Rose - 76 or 77.- Place of recording likely the United States. Woman speaks at beginning: -Hello, children-; says she-s going to sing one of the -songs I used to sing when I was a child-; unaccompanied female vocal; concludes: -That is all.- After a blank space, a second recording follows with additional verses; then, at the end of the cylinder, the performer wishes goodnight to the children. -Safe in the Promised Land- exists in numerous variants and first appeared in print in 1832. The box inscription naming -Grandma Rose- presumably matches this cylinder, but the lid inscription appears to refer to a -Grandpa Rose- and so may not.

Language: Sung in English.

Collection: The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings Set Number: 101-03, Originally acquired: Mike Ellingson, June 2009.

Genre: Personal recordings.

Original Item Information: Cylinder 12804—Special Coll., Performing Arts


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